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More about MyTaxLog and Tax Refunds is specifically designed for saving tax receipts, saving vehicle logs and saving phone logs. The best way to increase your tax refund is to save your tax receipts, and there is no better way to do this than

How much tax will i pay? Your tax rate depends on how much your annual salary mounts up to and which tax bracket it falls in. Depending on how much your employer contributes to the your tax from your salary payouts, you can have money refunded or owing at the end of the financial year. has a simple tax refund calculator that can give you a pretty good idea of your tax fate at the end of the financial year.

How can i increase my tax refund? The very first step is to claim all the eligible deductions. It's not always easy to remember all the expenses you can claim at the end of the year. An accountant can only make a few suggestions, but unless you have a clear list of the expenses, you might miss out on claiming for them. is the ideal way to save all your expenses receipts. Never lose a receipt again! With the ability to upload images of those receipts, you also have proof of your expenses incase of an audit.

How can i save my vehicle logs? Vehicle logs need to be maintained for a straight 12 weeks to be claimed from tax expenses. is a mobile friendly website that has a vehicle log feature perfectly suited for logging your vehicle trips. Odometer start and end readings can be recorded along with trip details. You can also split the trip into work and personal.

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